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21 dezembro 2013

'If you wanted to break my heart there were a thousand ways to do it. But you didn't have to purpose to her to hurt me, you didn't have to stoop so low.
No, don't marry her M.! Am I crazy? Do you not feel what I have felt everyday that we were apart for the last three years? Because I have felt that there is a vital piece of me that is missing. And I tried to fill it, I tried to fill it with school, and friends and music and it stayed empty every time up until you kissed me and my entire universe would snap back into focus.
You can try to convince yourself that you guys belong together, but I have seen it in your eyes last night, I have seen it in your eyes every night we were together, every day you woke up early to come to see me, in every demand you made overseas.. And I can see it right now. And I know you couldn't possibly have that with anyone else. Call me a dreamer, I don't care.. because I know the truth. You don't love her the way you love me.'

As the words came out of my mind there was no turning back. I had told him what my heart shouted deep inside and I knew I was right when he closed his eyes and turned away. I knew him like the back of my hand.
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