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13 junho 2013

She's standing near the street, walking by, thinking she is completely alone not to be embarrassed by her little dance walk show, when he appears suddenly. But, instead of being goofy, he grabs her under her arms and presses her to him, spinning her around like a child.
He kisses her all over the face. "Oh lord, am I glad to see you kiddo. You've got great timing, did anyone ever tell you that?"
He grabs her arms and leads her out the other end of the alley like a man on a mission. "When I saw you it suddenly made sense", he says.
When they leave the metro, they run around the parking lot like too little kids, trying to get first and win the race. He lets her win and she bounces at a chair in a table, pretending to be a narcissist british tourist drinking from an imaginary cup, while he comes near and sits in front of her with his pretend newspaper and a well drawn mustache. After a two snob strangers seducing game, they start laughing like retards and  finally order.
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