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05 junho 2013

"I think it's complicated.. Too many fights. How hard is it to be happy?"
"Near to impossible."
"People are happy"
"For like.. One second.. Blowing out birthday candles, petting a panda.. Those are moments of joy but there's a difference. A good relationship is hard work, practically slave labor."
"So do you think I'm stupid for wanting to be happy with someone?"
"An absolute dummie! Look, people like us, we are always restless.. So we are a little bit unhappy. Being with someone doesn't change that, it just makes it much more complicated."
"Maybe I just want something simple."
"Simple is a nice boy who's darling and doesn't challenge you. I could see you bored out in the suburbs! You would kill yourself! I would kill you! There are millions of girls out there, who will marry a nice boy and drive one of those mini vans. But you, you will never be satisfied to side with a man who sits home and asks you what's for dinner."
"Take out."
"You want a men who gets that and gets you."
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