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19 junho 2013

He was observing the splotch of ink on her fingers.
"Will you walk with me back to the hotel?"
"Of course", she said.
He put his arms around her shoulders as they walked and they fell into a comfortable step together. It felt sad and good to be with him. She looked down so he wouldn't see the tears on her face.
When they arrived at the lobby he asked trying to catch her sight "Are you going right away?".
She felt tempted to stay. They could walk to some restaurant and get something to eat together. They could slip into the bathroom and make love. She put her hand on the abdomen, she could. She tried to think of one or two excuses for it and she found a million and, all of sudden, it hit her.
She felt her vision closing in as she might faint and the agonizing restlessness in her joints and a tingling like an attack of red ants on the bottom of her feet.
She couldn't. "Yes, I'm leaving right away". She kissed him on the lips. There was obvious passion in it, even after all this. If she stayed too much longer, she wouldn't be able to go and she knew she couldn't stay.
She walked away down the road. Her chest ached. She meant not to look back, but she couldn't help it. She turned and he was still there watching her go. He didn't wave or smile, he looked sad. When she turned the second time he was gone.
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