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14 junho 2013

He lets go of my hand but I keep spinning and spinning until I collapse to the floor. I lie still as the bare room revolves around me and for a moment I picture myself in an insane asylum, in a white space with no furniture. I close my eyes and when I open them again, his face is hovering above mine. He has pretty eyelashes and a crease on either side of his mouth.
"Mad, crazy girl", he whispers before he leans in to kiss me.
I allow myself to be carried away by his kiss. His mouth envelops mine, absorbing all reality until life seems to consist only of these lips and tongues engaged in a funny dance of their own. He comes up behind me, pushing my hair aside to mouth my neck.
Then I freeze and all of a sudden, I'm suddenly suffocating. I put my hands on his shoulders and tell him that I can't.
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