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10 junho 2013

"Do you love him?"
"I have done the most foolish thing any lover could claim he did, I have loved him more than I ever loved myself.  I still do. And for the record, I love myself very much, more than all the self lovers combined."
She cocked her head to one side 'So, let me put it this way: do you want to be without him?'.
I remembered the feeling of saying goodbye to him the last time. 
'But that doesn't mean I want to be with him.' Why was everyone always trying to turn the world into binary choices, black or white, A or B, this or that?
She looked unimpressed.
"We've caused each other more misery than anything else" I said hotly. "It's true. It's all suffering with the two of us. If you were to ask him if I caused him more pleasure or pain, if he was honest, he'd answer the same way I would about him"
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