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29 maio 2013

I fall. I get my knees hurt. And then I get up again. By myself.
You are always there to support me, but that's only physical and not mental. I know everyone's taking care of their own problems but that shouldn't mean you should get people down and only trying to make them see shadows in what they do. I could use encouragement sometimes instead of being condemn every time. That's why most of the time, i rather hear silence.
Maybe I was like this too, maybe I used to do the same thing to you too, but when people change for worse there's something good that might come along too.
People around are just secondary characters, standing there trying to hold the emptiness when I'm already on the ground. All the time they just try to prove me wrong, that I need people to get me up but what they don't know it's that, the only thing they seem to be doing it's to prove me right: you don't try to bring me up from the floor, you just make me fall harder when I'm already standing on my feet.
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