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20 maio 2013

December 2012
She first heard the whistle on the outside of her window. A brief and gentle whistle that she couldn't ever make though he tried hard. Then again, other.
Sleepy, she moved slowly her head on the pillow and wondered if someone was being rescued by her prince, but somehow it didn't seem likely.
A while after, between dreams, she seemed to be hearing the whistler whistling like Rue and she felt lucky for that unknown girl and smiled in her sheets. The cough started again and she finally understand , her illness was taking over her.
Suddenly, the phone started ringing and in that silence it sounded like a thunder. She picked it up and answered it still blind.
'Hey beauty, I'm outside. I wanted this to be more romantic, but good God you sleep like a rock. Now, could you finally open the window for me to come in?'
She opened her eyes and run to the window silently opening it and helping him on the climb, while he stared at her from outside, watching her with her messy hair and light smile.
'Jez, you sure look ill, but have no worries, prince charming is coming in and you'll be alright'
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