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27 março 2013

You are such a pain in the ass but at the end of the day when lights get out, when loneliness comes in you are the only one left, the only one who isn't really afraid of the dark as I am, the only one who can put their armor and raise the sword when I say I have a monster under the bed. Sometimes it's good feeling you are not fighting the devils alone, that is someone out there ready to kick their asses. It was scary how a girl couldn't live without their friends, maybe I got scared of needing people to much but at the same time I made my bed so I must lay in it. But I'm glad you didn't let me be when I asked you to, I'm glad you are this persistent bastard. "I just want to tell you that you are very special and the only reason I'm telling you this is that I don't know if anyone ever has."
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