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19 março 2013

There's a moment in your life when you turn the caring button off, but you are still able to feel the cold outside.. You feel like someone who's watching their own life out of their own body, with no control of it, with no opinion.  And sadly or not, you can't turn it on, have control, because you are so deeply involved with your own sadness that you can't see the world. What once mad you happy, now just sounds boring; your friends, the activities you used to find amusing are now unbearable  You just wonder why don't they move on with their lives and forgot that person you once was because that person doesn't exist anymore All you can see is this darkness and you feel like sleeping for days in this loneliness. One day, you find out, that you turned into a robot if you are not on your medicine and you don't really care about that either.
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