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26 março 2013

"One can't be happy without anyone. You are so wrong, you never let people choose their path, and let me tell you that's twisted. You have to understand that the human being has will, but you don't listen, never ever.. I always chose to be with you, and you were selfish enough just to care only about what you would rather feel. I need you? Does that count for you, what I want? It will, and it will start now. Love me or hate me, I will help you with the MDD and you will be alright, I won't give up from you never again, I won't let you step away from me and I don't really care if I have to sleep outside of your door or go pick you whenever you don't answer the phone. What you are feeling is only a side effect, and it will go away, I promise you. I will fix you. You are not a lost cause."
Why can't you just quit like everyone else? I rather feel nothing than to hurt someone! Oh dear, what am I doing? I guess I need you too.
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