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09 fevereiro 2013

He  "So, they all went out to try and score which is both never going to happen and ridiculous."
She  "I know how you feel. I mean, different team, sure, but the whole chasing, hooking-up, people-go-round. They have been going nuts, because I'm some sort of freak because I'm not grabbing anything within 10 feet. It's exhausting."
He  "Totally. I mean, it's like music. You know I love music, but It doesn't mean I have to listen to it at all times and anything will do. I'm not going to throw in a Eminem CD just because I left my Nirvana in the car."
She  "Like, why bother with something that's not good? Because if it's not good.."
He  "It's bad. Exactly. But these guys were all like, "as long as she's got a pair of..." You know, it was indelicate."
She  "What's indelicate about shoes?"
He  "I figure, you know, I mean, I know what I like. Why waste my time?"
She  "Like, why bother with something not good just because it's something?"
He  "Especially when you know the difference, which not many people do. I mean, do you? "
She  "I.. I think I do."
He  "You see, I think that's like ninety percent of life, just knowing the difference."
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