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06 janeiro 2013

The thing about me is that I'm scared of bright and huge feelings. They have haunted me all my life and ended with nothing but tragedy and misery.
Can you imagine how painful it is to get your heart broken in two thousand pieces over and over again? It tears you apart and still you survive. But, it can't help but changing you along the way, and by that I don't mean that I stopped caring with people, or fearing for them or even loving them less deeply or madly as I always did. I mean, it is different now because I don't always show it to you and it seems like you just can't see it.
Like love is an abstract word, my love is an abstract feeling drawn with colours and silences, perfected by the painter at each step and hidden in that lonely and dark painting. And how complex and obscure it can be! But even tough, pretty as rain in a warm day..
The saddest thing for me to accomplish is that because of this, you can't even notice that I would die and kill for you with no need of thinking twice..
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