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29 julho 2012

If you are really reading this like you "gently" tried to show, you should know that this post is for you. No one else. You.
You were kind of right about T., in the end he hurt  me and he's not my shoulder anymore but he didn't hurt me as much as you did. You already know how much you screwed up, how I hate what you did, how I can never ever forgive you that..
But.. I must be a fucking stupid person because I miss you like hell. I miss my friend.
And somehow, I'm starting to understand why you did what you did, not that I agree with it.. I've tried, in these past few months, to forgive you like *they* say I should. I can't. You broke my trust, my heart..
But if I had to chose about the way you told me, I guess I would've liked you not to tell at all. I could really use my old friend and your love.
You can know for sure, even hurt I may say, I will never find someone like you. That's a shame, you know? I loved you more than I loved myself and I could really use a love like that right know. Those loves who have everything to last a lifetime.
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