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30 junho 2012

People that come into my life tend to die or just vanish like I am some kind of monster that freaks them out if they stay for too long. First I was scared to let people come in, I was cold and afraid they might leave.. because a curse is a curse, it will remain and bind to you like it's glue, doesn't matter how hard you try to get away..
But now I'm not. Maybe I got used to it, seeing the people I love leaving with wool feet like I was some kind of t-shirt that you didn't really enjoyed to be dressed with and you want to swap.
Well, I'm ready, you come into my life and then or you take it or leave it, it's simple. I will cry for the dead ones but not for the fugitives. So stick around and do foolish things with the fool, because the fool is so glad she has you two in her life.

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