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06 abril 2012

When I knew you, you were just some sloppy kid trying to get rid of puberty and I was just an inane an naive girl, maybe I still am. But you were the cutest kid in the neighbourhood and I was the young cousin that lived in the big city. Then, somehow, between the hours and the jokes, boy and girl became inseparable and best friends. But I couldn't quite understand 'why me'? Why me among the whole bunch of girls that you were always around? I never felt different and you made me feel that way but I couldn't tell why.
As I grew up being stabbed by life, I understand that maybe, just maybe, you saw something in me, something that I think no one ever realised about myself, not even me. And I mean, I'm a piece of crap, I am inane, I am boastful, I AM A SELFISH LITTLE BITCH. I am not the girl that can make a conversation, I don't know how to bring a new conversation topic to the table. I am not easy, I need  freedom and if you try to push me back I will slip away. I am annoying, annoying like the wind. But, you've seen me crazy, you've seen me true colours like nobody else in this world has and you still kept me.
Then, I figure it was easy for me to fall in love with someone that could hate me sometimes but he understand why I as being certain way or what to do to make it easier, like he used to say "I love you anyway". He did, with all my flaws and the rare qualities that appeared every once in a while. But I never understand that I was in love with him before she passed out. Sometimes there's this feeling that you are so used to carry on, like it was born with you, that you don't understand it is actually there, that it is actually different than anything you have ever felt before. He realised it before I did. He loved me first.
So, now, that there's nothing left between us, and that some people that didn't knew him see how he looks like they can't see what that handsome boy saw on me. Oh, Lord, I never could.
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