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04 janeiro 2012

Decisions. Big word, hum? It means you have to chose between many options. Sometimes is easy, you whether have to choose among the one that will spread slowly but somehow happiness and the one that will be a little worse, the one that according to the other options will be harder. But, I have one simple question: how can we know which is the one, the right one? Is it the one that will make us feel good but will prejudice the ones we love, so as we can never live with ourselves from that moment on? Or, is the one that will probably leave us in tears, but it it will make a brighter future to our beloved ones, maybe not immediately but eventually? Thus, this little choice turns out to be one of the biggest challenges you have to face. Your suffering or the one you may cause? Is it, fair anyway?
So you decide to be polite, trying to rescue your conscience, but instead your heart will crush you, punish you either way to the rest of your days because 'Maybe if you chose differently it would turn out in better and perhaps with less heartaches'. But you will regret whatever your choice is, it's a road with no way out.
As for me, Ilet him go and now I'm starting to think that was a big mistake, that selfish doesn't sound so bad after all, but is too late.
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