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07 dezembro 2011

I don't remember the last words you said to me, how you were dressed in the day I last saw you. I just can't remember if you had your hair straight or with a ponytail or if you were wearing your favourite headband. Actually, as time passed by, my head completely erased all the things I remembered before. The whole day and the two days that followed it are a complete blur in my memory. I just remember knowing you were dead and that's all. It was my way of moving on.
But I do remember you smiling, it still lingers on my mind. I remember the smell of your perfume, your bloodshot madness eyes.. I remember the time our friendship was strong. And this are the things I can force myself to remember, that's all I can bare, even though it's been a year and a half.
I miss you with all my heart and with all my strength and I will never ever forget you love.
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